Extras From Cervinia

Dot Keates celebrates her 45th Anniversary of skiing this winter; she started way back at Carrbridge in 1957. The Cervinia weather reminded her of it as if it was yesterday.

Barry Vickers also celebrated his 25th Anniversary of winter frolics.

George Mills had five lift attendants doubled up with laughter, as well as the whole lift queue, when he straddled the automatic ticket scanner's three-pronged gate. The gate was between his legs while he was still on his skis. How he achieved this I will never know, but he nearly repeated his mishap a second time on his next run to the chair.

Nigel Koenen had his harem following him on the piste on several days, although two pints of lager was insufficient payment to keep the group together, as he seemed to loose his ladies quite easily, before and after assessment.

Welcome to our new members from South Africa, Nick and his Partner, who thought it was safe to engage Paul Sharp in conversation in a bar.

John Weatherell`s real, live and authentic Russian fur hat was a conversation piece if there ever was one. Everywhere he went ladies always wanted to stroke it!

Paul Sharp, in his daily weather reports, kept saying "we would all be suffering from wind again on the slopes!"

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