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Personal Performance Course - Wednesday 20th November - Instructor: Gerald Harrison

by Brian Richards

A small and select group of 6 gathered in the rain. One member wished to return the following week when the weather would be less damp but was overruled.

Gerald got us organised and proceeded to talk about good and bad sex and how to move the little toe. This confused your reporter because he thought it involved big toes but not having a tabloid journalist or a retired politician present to provide a definitive answer the image remained unresolved.

A variety of exercises were attempted with varying degrees of success. It helps, as one person discovered, if boots are clipped up in ski mode and not walking mode, a minor point realised at the end of the day.

The afternoon session was increased in numbers by one; with immediate impact. When the debris was cleared from the slope the group was reduced to four. Damage was eventually ascertained as one broken ankle (the buffer) and one rearranged neck (the missile). The course proceeded with some interruptions to patch bodies up.

Ernie and Marge DiRollo should be thanked for the assistance they provided to the injured. Ernie was able to assess the efficiency of Stepping Hill A & E for several hours. An interesting day.....

PS. We understand the people who attended on the Saturday enjoyed their day. Happily no injuries were sustained and all who took the course gained something from Gerald's expert tuition.