Christmas Market In Albert Sq. - Sunday 10th December

by Norma Green

Bryce Cooper's suggestion of a trip to the Christmas Market seemed a good idea so members of the committee, keep fit attendees and those who attended the Christmas dinner were all invited to come along. Several people arrived at the gluhwein stand nearest to the Town Hall at 2pm. Somehow Bryce knew that would be a popular and easy meeting place to find.

Manchester City Council organise a Christmas Market every year. It's like a German Christmas Fayre, complete with music, selection of cheeses, nudeln, schnitzel and various hot drinks. This year it was even larger with a secondary set of stalls in St Ann's Square.

After a brief walk around the stalls we found some lovely Christmas trinkets and made several purchases. Then we needed some warmth. The gluhwein took the cold away and made us even more merry, bringing back the Apres Ski feeling with gusto.

On the second tour round the stalls everything looked even more appealing, as subsequent gluhweins took effect. The atmosphere was friendly and we chatted to passersby about skiing and even introduced the Ski Club of Manchester to a few worthy looking people.

Thoughts of skiing came flooding back and made us long for the slopes even more. The Christmas Market will definitely be on the list of things to do for next year. The more members the merrier.