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Walking Treasure Hunt - Sunday 15th September

by Christine Cartwright

On a sunny September morning Ian and I joined other members of the Ski Club for a walking Treasure Hunt around the Thelwall area. We started at the Little Manor, a picturesque pub in attractive grounds. Ian and I joined forces with Joy Baxter, a shrewd move on our part as Joy was very knowledgeable and also had the skill of being able to work out some of the answers in advance.

Part of the walk was alongside the canal and we had to keep reminding ourselves to look for the answers to the clues, not just admire the canal boats and the scenery. The clues covered a wide range of topics from Big Brother and pop music to historical facts, cryptic clues and anagrams. There was even a limerick to write, all of which were very good, especially as time was limited.

Steve Wardle, or members of his back-up team, walked the route making sure everyone was on the right track. They must have covered more miles than the participants, except for Ian, of course, who always doubles back for missed clues.

We finished a most enjoyable day with Sunday lunch at the Little Manor. Prizes were presented to the winning team Joy, Ian and myself and to the runners-up Jonquil Lewis and Helen Richardson.

Many thanks to Steve and his team for all their hard work.

Treasure Hunt Limericks

Team Name: Mother, Pride and Joy
(Christine & Ian Cartwright & Joy Baxter)

Whoever set this is a right clever dick
His general knowledge makes me sick
So many anagrams and cryptic clues
He probably thought were a wonderful ruse
To a sharp brain they were probably clear
Loved every minute, we'll be back next year!

Team Name: Lost and Found
(John & Trudy Lymer)

We've had a good tour
The clues most obscure
We're lost then we're found
All on hard ground
Oh no! Can't take any more.

Team Name: The Old Saleians
(John & Brenda Preston + two guests)

There were four contestants from Sale
Who came along destined to fail
The clues left us perplexed
It won't be us next!
But we enjoyed our walk on the trail.

Team Name: Helen and Jonquil
(Helen Richardson & Jonquil Lewis)

There once were two ladies of leisure,
Who went seeking treasure for pleasure,
On the Trans-Pennine trail,
They sought holy grail,
Writing limericks too for good measure.