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Chairman's Report - AGM - Friday 4th October 2002

Good evening and welcome everybody. Thank you all for attending. This will only be a very brief report, as you are very well informed of the day to day running of the club via the excellent and informative newsletter.

We had another busy year, with around 30 activities, plus our weekly ski-fit. The activities included ski holidays, ski instruction at Rossendale, many meals out, Friday evening talks and social get-togethers, parties, mtb, walks, golf and a treasure hunt. Most of the activities were entirely organised by members and your committee. Remember, this is your club, and your input is always appreciated. It is good that ordinary members (as opposed to committee members) are willing to do things for the club and I know that the committee appreciate their/your help.

Looking forward, the new year kicks off to a great start tonight, with this AGM and a talk by Giles Lewis and Phil Harrison with lots of activities. Many of our talks are by our very own members, so they should be very interesting, and I hope that you will all be able to support your friends in the club at the various functions.

I would, once again, like to thank everybody on the committee, all members and families who help, and my husband, for all the excellent work done on my behalf and for the ski club.

Tonight will be the last time that I will be officiating at a meeting, as, after around ten years, I have decided to retire from the committee. I believe a fresh outlook with new people can only help our club. It would be nice to get some new faces onto the committee.

Trudy Lymer-Chairman, Oct. 2000-Oct. 2002