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Gerald Harrison Ski Course - Wednesday 21st, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November

by Elaine West

Once again, this course was a great success and gave each person who attended a good grounding in the basic techniques that Gerald recommends. Going "back to basics" and trying to master the new exercises pertaining to carving can be confusing, but this only added to the fun of the day. And it was supposed to be fun too, although a number of us became quite frustrated when exercises did not go well, especially when coupled with an undignified tumble on the slope.

The weather was mixed during the three days-Wednesday being mostly dry, but rain towards the end. Apparently, those on the Sunday had the wettest day with gales! Bad luck.

These courses are well recommended by those who attend; even our most experienced and skilful skiers enjoy a refresher with Gerald. Elaine arranges the courses with Gerald each year, so for those who have not yet been, make a mental note and come next year.