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AGM Report - 5th October 2001

by Norma Green

The meeting was well attended and our Chairman, Trudy Lymer, began her report by thanking everyone for attending and thanking members and the Committee for their work and help given during the year. Pat Ashworth, Vice Chairman and a founder member, was retiring from the committee and Trudy thanked her for many years service to the Club saying that she would be sadly missed. After commenting on the Club's many successful events and requesting more volunteer helpers/event organisers, Trudy thanked her husband John for his support. Brian Richards, Treasurer, then presented his report and there followed the appointment of auditors and election of officers and committee. There was no other business and the meeting drew quickly and efficiently to a close at 7.50 pm.

The talk following was a very lively one by two of our members who are SCGB reps. Alan Brown and Bryce Cooper. You have to feel sorry for these two having to spend weeks on end every winter in the Alps, not to mention the hassle of having to ski every day. Seriously though, we all felt slightly envious. We were led to believe repping is, at times, a bit stressful and they do have standards to keep and targets to meet, but they also had many amusing tales to relate. The problems that do occur are obviously more than compensated by the ambience of the various ski resorts they cover, meeting many interesting people, skiing their boots off, and they are not averse to pretending on their first day in the resort that they know their way around the pistes! Thank you Alan and Bryce for an entertaining evening.