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Hurst Green Treasure Hunt - Epilogue

By Kath, Simon, Angie and Leigh

We thought we had better make some sort of effort as well, so we've done our write up in the form of a limerick also.

The treasure hunt went from Hurst Green,.
As Ray's Rebels raced down the Dean,
The Munroe's took it slow,
And let the Beharrells go,
But the KC Band finished supreme.

Said Ian, whilst shaking his head,
I'm seeking a clue etched in lead,
Can you help me dear Vicar,
To finish much quicker,
As I'm missing my goats cheese and bread.

Said Helen and Brian together,
We've come to the end of our tether,
We're seeking a rabbit,
With a Japanese habit,
And a house by the name of the Heather(s).

Said Trudy, I don't want to win,
So don't write down "Listers Bin",
I've looked over Uranus,
And although it's quite heinous,
What I'd do at the gate is a sin.

For the rest of you that we've forgot,
Well, we've run out of half decent plot,
Whilst the rest caused a riot,
You must have been quiet,
But you can always come back to this spot.

So the planners of this years event,
Say thank you to all those who went,
We'll see you next year,
To try Warrington's cheer,
Hope the weather will be heaven sent.

And here are those submitted by the contestants:


One morning we went to Hurst Green,
A place we had never been,
The weather stayed fine,
We got round in time,
But none of our shoes were clean.

THE LONE RANGER (The winning Limerick)

There was an old git from Cheadle Hulme,
Who did not know the meaning of soon,
The others had eaten,
But he wouldn't be beaten,
In the Inn there wasn't any room.


There was a young lady called Kath,
Who told us to keep on the path,
The mud was not seen,
And we didn't keep clean,
So all went to an early bath.


There once was a management consultant,
Who organised a walk for the prize medal,
He said with a grin,
Wiping Guinness from his chin,
On the next treasure hunt we will pedal.


There once was a dog called Munro,
Whose team could only walk slow,
The clues round Hurst Green,
Though elusive they seem,
Were found, - and now they can go!


Today Manchester skiers were walkers,
Pursuing each other like stalkers,
'Twixt solving the clues,
And admiring the views,
They still found the time to be talkers.

The Committee and members of SCoM thank Kath, Simon, Angie and Leigh for their fantastic efforts in providing us with a super day out and making the Treasure Hunt such a success.