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Club Skiing - Friday 3rd November 2000 - or - 'Very Wet'

by Trudy Lymer

Well, it's a very wet night, but as I've arranged it, I'd better go, there will be ten other members waiting for me. Get out skis, boots, waterproofs and all the other paraphernalia. Load car, return to house to "wave" goodbye to the cat, husband not home yet. 'phone rings, a party of three people not now coming because of sickness in the family. Oh dear, will anybody come? Still, I'll enjoy it, it's raining, the slope is very wet, ergo fast, free tuition. - Not convinced.

Drive to Rossendale, very wet, traffic moving slowly. Park, get out of car, very wet. Book in, nobody else from SCoM there, and I'm later than usual. Very wet. See our instructor Bill, who looks very wet, he is in fact wearing a pakamac cape over his ski suit because it is very wet, I start humming "Batman". Then, I see another member, and another, maybe another. This could be a good turnout after all.

Eventually, eight members really enjoyed a good, very wet, evening of ski tuition from Bill. Thanks to all concerned. Everybody who booked did turn up, apart from the ones that cancelled, and that is really appreciated by the club, given that it was very wet. Just for once, we did not adjourn to the pub, because we were all very wet!

If you would like to join other members at any of the club instruction nights, please ring Trudy to book on 01706 648587. The club pays for an instructor and members pay a two-hour slope fee, plus equipment hire if required.

We have arranged a bumps clinic for the next one on Friday 8 December 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Future ideas will include tips for off piste skiing, and suggestions are welcome. Unfortunately, we cannot cater for beginners on these sessions. Maybe it won't be very wet.