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Talk By Maud Instone - 2nd October

by Trudy Lymer

After the AGM on Friday 2nd October 1999, the club had the pleasure of listening to a talk given by Maud Instone. Maud, who stepped in at late notice to replace the billed speaker was warmly welcomed. She gave an interesting talk on her life in skiing. Maud started skiing when only six years old, her family used to take a chalet in Wengen for a month every year. So, obviously she joined the DHO and then went on to become a British Junior Skier.

She has led a life full of skiing interests, including competing in the First (and last?) South African Ski Championship, and has skied all over the world. She is a member of the Ladies Ski Club and is very much involved in race organising for the British Ski Federation, being what is known as a Technical Delegate; this is a race official and would be responsible for organising a race, with safety being a major factor. We were told that BSF organise about 30 races a year on snow, and many more on plastic, so it has become a big part of her life.

Finally, Maud told us that her major skiing delight is powder snow. I couldn't agree more. Maud also left some leaflets about the Skiers Trust. This Trust looks after skiers, providing training for talented people and coaches and helping disabled people to try skiing. If you are interested in joining the Trust or sending a donation, please contact our SCGB representative, Jane Fairclough.