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An Evening Petting At Rossendale!

By Anne Stevenson

Mike, Anne, Steve, Trudy, John, Steve, and David met on a damp but not too cold Friday 12th Feb. on the slopes to find that Bill McGann couldn't make it again. Thankfully not because he was ill, but because although he had just arrived back on a flight from the ski slopes, all his luggage including his ski gear had not!

Mike Hopkins stepped ably into the breach and after a preliminary few runs observing us, he announced we all could do with a few lessons in petting......for the uninitiated, we were all tepping and epting! The sort of turn you do depends on the order in which you Turn, Edge and Pressure the skis. We were given several introductory exercises to do: flexing from the ankle, stepping up the slope while traversing, stepping down(!) the slope while traversing, and eventually put it all together to achieve several runs during which some of us managed some linked turns which were initiated by pressure, followed by edging and very closely by turning. We were assured that after 5000 turns like this we may get them all right automatically! [Somewhat at odds with the Alexander Technique - "30 repetitions form a habit"!]

This sort of turn is suitable for cruising efficiently down blues or easy reds with room to choose your spot. Thanks, Mike, it was interesting to relate these techniques to our previous sessions with Bill and with Gerald Harrison.