Ski Club of Manchester Mailing Lists and Yahoo! group

In addition to the Newsletter we have a "Newsflash" mailing list and "Yahoo! group" to remind members of forthcomming events and communicate urgent announcements.

All members are recommended to join either the Yahoo! group or Newsflash list, neither are high traffic. The key differences are set out below.

The Newsflash list

  • Only Club members may subscribe.
  • Only certain committee members and event organisers may post messages.
  • Replies are not accepted.
  • Used for urgent announcements and reminders for events.

Members who have not joined the Yahoo! group are initially automatically subscribed to the Newsflash list but may unsubscribe here.

Members can re-subscribe or change their subscribed email address and other settings here.

The Yahoo! group

  • Open to members and non-members.
  • All subscribers can post and reply to messages.
  • Includes all Newsflash messages.
  • Used for urgent announcements and reminders for events and for comments, discussion and feedback about the Club and it's activities.

To make full use of the Yahoo! site to view and upload photographs you must register at the YahooGroups: SCoM web site and obtain a Yahoo! ID if you don't already have one.

To join the Yahoo! group mailing list only send an empty message to: or visit the YahooGroups: SCoM web site. Don't forget to reply to the confirmation request you'll receive once you've applied to join. You should then receive a welcome message. If not you may have to confirm via the web site link in the confirmation request.

To post a message to the list send it to:

When replying only quote the relevant parts of the original message and note that by default replies only go to the sender. If you're reply is of gereral interest or part of a discussion ensure you reply to the group.

Information on how to unsubscribe is included in every message.

Basic principles governing the use of the Yahoo! group:

  1. The facility has been established to promote the Club and communication between members. Therefore the use of the facility should not conflict with or prejudice the aims or activities of the Club.
  2. The facility must be used reasonably and not, for example, to circulate offensive, defamatory or pornographic material.
  3. There is no general prohibition on advertising, although this should not be excessive or inappropriate.
  4. The Club reserves the right to moderate material posted to the group and to remove members from the group.