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Ski Club of Manchester Digital Membership Cards

We provide digital membership cards (DMCs) which can be stored on a smartphone in an Apple or Google wallet. If your membership includes any juniors who don't have a smartphone their names will be listed on your other family card(s). You can request digital cards for them at any time.

If you don't have a smartphone the card can also be installed in Google Wallet on a tablet.

The Apple Wallet app is pre-installed on all iPhones. On Android 'phones Google Wallet can be installed from the "Play Store" if not pre-installed. There is no requirement to have bank or credit card information in either wallet in order to use them to store the DMC.


On joining the Club or moving from the old printed cards you'll receive an email with a link to install your card. If possible open the email on the smartphone where you intend installing the card.

If you don't use email on your smartphone you can open the link on another device and scan the QR code with your smartphone to open the install link.

The link will expire after 90 days.

Apple Wallet

Open the link with the native (Safari) browser, NOT Microsoft Edge.

Tap "Add to Apple Wallet" then the "Add" button top right once the card is displayed.

Leave automatic updates turned on. If updates are turned off for more than a couple of days the card will be "orphaned" and we won't be able to update it when your membership renews.

Google Wallet

When you open the link if the Google Wallet app is installed it will open automatically and ask if you want to “Add loyalty card".

Click on the “Add” button bottom right then “Add pass”.

Information on the card

Apple Wallet

Open your Apple wallet either on the lock-screen with a double push on the RHS button or open the Wallet app itself and select your SCoM membership card to view it.

It shows your membership status, name and other family members covered by your membership that don't have their own DMC.

To view additional information in the lock-screen view tap the info button ("i" in a circle bottom right) or, if you've opened the card in the app select "Pass Details" in the the menu (three dots in a circle top right).

If for some reason the card has not updated you can drag the page down to force an update. You'll see the spinning wheel for a few seconds and the card should update.

Google Wallet

On opening the card in Google Wallet it shows your membership status and name.

Click on the vertical column of three dots top right to view the additional information including other family members covered by your membership that don't have their own DMC.

Apple and Google Wallets

The additional information includes your membership number, details of Chill Factore sessions and discounts, the username and password for the members only area of the SCoM website and links to the SCoM website, Club contacts and discount pages.

Note that on the iPhone the website links only work if the card is opened in the Wallet app, not the lockscreen view. That is an Apple "feature"


On the iPhone the card is pre-loaded with several locations for stores which offer discounts to members. If "Suggest on lock screen" is turned on a notification will be generated when the iPhone is close to one of these locations. No data is fed back when this occurs and there is no tracking.

Queries or problems

If you have any queries or problems regarding the membership cards, require cards for juniors or want other family members adding to a card contact Steve Wardle.