Ski Club of Manchester Skills Questionnaire

You've been a member of the Club for some time now, and we trust you are enjoying the activities we organise and feel properly integrated. As you know, we are a go-ahead Club which is continually trying to improve, introduce new ideas and expand its membership, especially with younger members. The main (often hidden) asset of any Club is its members, their energy and their skills, and we need to know how individuals might be prepared to help progress our initiatives.

Help can be on a one-off basis or more frequent, but please do not assume you will be asked to make a major commitment. We realise people have other things going on hence the need to spread the load.

Please take a second to think about what you might be prepared to assist with and how, then fill in some boxes and return the form to Ian by before 1st December. I.e. NOW !

This will automatically enter you into a Draw to win a free session at one of the Club's Chill Factore sessions. The Draw will be made 1st December at the Christmas Meal.

You may not hear anything from us for a while but don't be put off. Just consider yourselves like some of spymaster George Smiley's 'sleepers'. Ready and able to spring into action when Your Club Needs You !

Your personal details (a chance to tell us if your contact details need changing!)
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Do you agree with the plan to actively seek more younger members? Add any comments.

In what areas would you be prepared to be involved?

Helping to organise and run (existing) Club activities
Such as Friday socials, Summer events, or new stuff like hang gliding or stand-up paddleboarding
Buddying and Mentoring
Helping new members find their feet by introducing them to other members and guiding their development
Actively go out of your way to promote the Club at places such as Chill Factore
Introducing non-skiers to the sport
Actively seeking out opportunities to 'extend' the Club
Helping with juniors
Wide ranging: from linking with local schools to helping at special sessions at Chill Factore
Please suggest other opportunities:

How would you be prepared to help?

Hands-on stuck-in sort of person
Happy to make things happen
Assisting with identifying potential sources and arranging applications
Please specyfy:

What skills could you add?

Don't be shy about saying what you're good at!
Professional skills
What trade or profession you have experience in
Personal skills
E.g. gregarious, attention to detail, visionary [ ! ], leader etc…