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Ski Club of Manchester FAQ & Answers

General Questions

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Finding like-minded people to ski with on affordable ski holidays, regular ski tuition at the Chill Factore, regular social events throughout the year and enjoy discounts from various retail establishments as listed here.

Are you a ski racing club?

No. We are a recreational ski club only.

I’m a snowboarder can I still join?


My child is under 18. Can he/she join the Ski Club of Manchester?

Under 18s are considered to be juniors and are welcome to join the Club as part of an individual or family membership. At all times juniors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What skill level do I need to be to join the Ski Club of Manchester?

There is no 'entry level' as such as we are a recreational ski group. However, to make the most of the free instruction at the Chill Factore you need to satisfy the Chill Factore rules for skiing on the main slope. To make the most of our ski holidays ideally you will need to be of an intermediate standard (i.e. comfortable on blues).

I don’t live in Manchester; can I still join the Club?

Yes — While most of our members are based in the Northwest of England, we have members from across the whole of the UK and even a few outside it. All social events and skiing instruction are based in Manchester and all Club holiday flights depart from Manchester Airport.

What’s the age range of the members?

There is a diverse age range of the Club, but generally members are mature. The Club has a growing number of younger members (20+) and the Club focuses on attracting younger members through regular visits to the Chill Factore and social events in Manchester. The age of members ranges from under 18 to 80 plus.

If you are looking to gain experience on the mountain there are plenty of very experienced skiers that will bring you on!

What is the best event to meet members on?

After Chill Factore sessions the members often regroup at Costa coffee in the mornings and Wetherspoons in the evenings — that's a good opportunity to meet some members and find out more about the Club. Aspiring members are very welcome to meet us here or at one of our social events. Just let one of our officers know that you intend to join and we'll make sure we keep an eye out for you.

Is there a membership discount for families?

Yes — see our membership application page.

Are you affiliated to the Ski Club of Great Britain?

No, we are an associated Club. If you are a member of the Ski Club of Great Britain you are able to obtain a discount on your Ski Club of Manchester membership. Details are on our membership application page.

Practising and Social events

I've heard that you meet often at the Chill Factore. What do you do at the Chill Factore, how many people come to the sessions and how long are you there for?

We meet at the Chill Factore twice a month. Sessions are staggered morning and evenings i.e. Wednesday morning (usually the second Wednesday) and Wednesday evening (usually the fourth Wednesday). Throughout the ski season the Club provides free 2 hour tuition sessions (provided by Chill Factore ski instructors). During the ski season approximately 25–30 members attend these sessions so if you want to leverage the Club discount scheme make sure you arrive in plenty of time to ensure you are able to secure a place on the slope! When available, for the more adventurous, we also include additional instructed mogul sessions October, November and February. Check out our ski local page.

Does the Club provide 1:1 tuition at the Chill Factore?

One-to-one tuition is not provided — only group tuition — but the Club pays for multiple instructors during the ski season and the groups are typically organised to cater for a diverse skill range from early intermediate to advanced (carving, short turns and, when available, moguls). All tuition provided by the Club is included as part your club membership fee so we hope that you make use of it and join us at the Chill Factore and afterwards for a drink or something to eat.

Do you do any other sporting and/or social events throughout the year?

Yes. The Club organises regular walking days and in 2023 we have started to organise cycling meet-ups. We also have parties and social events in Manchester. See events for our current social calendar.

How will I find out what is happening at the Club?

Regular Newsletters are emailed monthly during the ski season and every two months out of season. They will contain information on past events and, for your diary, future ones. Also, prior to the event a Newsflash email will be sent as a reminder of the forthcoming event and to give more details.

Club Holidays

How many people go on a holiday?

The Club organises three club holidays every season. The first is an ‘Instruction holiday’ and is always located in the Espace Killy region. The Club has an affiliation with the development centre (TDC) based in Val d’Isère and Tignes and instruction by TDC is provided to members (self-funded). Historically there are typically 15-25 members that attend this instruction holiday.

The January holiday caters for approximately 50 members and the March holiday 30-40 members.

On a club holiday how do I find a group of members my level to ski with?

As a new member a club official can assist you in finding someone to ski with. Generally members organise themselves into groups of varying abilities.

How do I book on a holiday?

Places book up extremely quickly on club holidays and if you wish to secure your place on a holiday we recommend that you fill in the online application form the morning that the Club releases the application form. The Club will advertise the holiday well in advance to allow members to research the location and decide if they are interested in joining the holiday. We also release the date on which the holiday booking form will be made available online to complete.

If you are unsuccessful at reserving a place on the holiday you will automatically be placed on the holiday waiting list and any deposit returned.

On a club holiday what type of sleeping arrangements can I expect?

Members are paired in twin rooms. If you are an individual new member this is a good way to get to know someone in the Club. Our holiday coordinator does a superb job at matching members.

Does the Club provide ski instruction on club holidays?

No — with the exception of the December ‘Instruction holiday’ where instruction is provided by the TDC and is self-funded. This holiday provides an opportunity for members to focus on their technique both on and off-piste and is especially a good choice for members looking to gain some experience skiing off-piste.

Who decides on the location of the holidays?

Working closely with our chosen travel agent, the committee research holidays based on:

  1. Ability to provide accommodation for the capacity of members
  2. Cost
  3. Ski Area
  4. Resort sustainability records
  5. Member feedback from previous holidays (based on our annual survey data)
Members of the committee then vote on a defined short-list.

Do you provide ski insurance for the holidays?

The Club does not provide any insurance for members and we do expect members to arrange their own insurance before joining a club holiday.

Join Us

OK. I think I now understand what you are about and would love to join. Where do I start?

Great — we look forwards to welcoming you. Start here.