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Ski Club of Manchester Facebook group

In addition to the other communication tools we have an active Facebook group.

The group is a quick and easy way to communicate directly with other SCoM members, share information and ask questions.

The group is Closed, meaning that anyone can find it, but only members of the group can see the posts within it.

Only requests to join the group from current SCoM members will be approved.

Members of the Facebook group can adjust their own privacy settings to decide how much information they wish to share.

The group is monitored by a number of admins, led by Iain Macintosh and Tony Shaw. The admins will approve requests to join and ensure the smooth running of the group in accordance with Facebook's terms and conditions which all users agreed to when joining Facebook.

Members must be aware of the Club's Social Media Policy.

Basic principles governing the use of the Facebook group:

  1. The Facebook group has been established to promote the Club and communication between members. Therefore the use of the Facebook group should not conflict with or prejudice the aims or activities of the Club.
  2. The Facebook group must be used reasonably and not, for example, to circulate offensive, defamatory or pornographic material.
  3. There is no general prohibition on advertising, although this should not be excessive or inappropriate.
  4. All posts must be relevant to SCOM activities and/or skiing/snow sports in general.
  5. The Admins reserve the right to moderate material posted to the Facebook group and to remove members from the group.